Guided Practice Group NVC

Starting on the 26th of September:


A Practice Group Compassionate Communication –  in the evening


Compassionate or Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a simple process that facilitates the flow of communication necessary to exchange information and resolve differences compassionately. It is based on identifying universally shared needs.


NVC can be practically applied in for example educational settings, in a business environment, as well as in families and personal relationships.

Nonviolent Communication encourages people to use language that increases goodwill. It teaches people how to avoid language that creates resentment or lowers self-esteem. It emphasizes compassion as the motivation for actions, rather than fear, guilt, blame, or shame. It also emphasizes personal responsibility for our choices. Nonviolent Communication can be used effectively even without the other person’s or group’s knowledge of the process.


Discover and learn about this way of communication.  You can do this by joining the practice group for Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. We will be reading the book on NVC, written by Marshall Rosenberg, together and discussing and processing the content and guiding you in applying it as we go. A great opportunity to learn new skills, share your experiences and hear from others!


Some Lines about Living Nonviolent Communication:

  • You will get practical tools to connect and communicate skillfully with your children and partner;
  • You will be taking better care of your own needs;
  • You will be able to support your children to express what they feel and need;
  • You will get tools how to deal with things you regret, judgments and pain;
  • It will increase your understanding for the behavior of others.


All group meetings are guided by Marijke Christiansson. Marijke is a fulfillment coach, who is  committed to support people to live a more fulfilling life, both in a family and work/career context.

Schedule for the Guided Practice Groups NVC:

Thursday evenings, time from 20.00-22.00

The practice group will start from 26 September onwards. Dates will be decided upon together with the group.


Maximum group size:

8 persons.



Participation in the 10-week Guided Practice Group Nonviolent Communication is 600 RMB, including the book Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg (or 100 RMB/evening).



²  Most important is to bring your own experience as a parent/partner/colleague/friend etc. and an open mind to learn new things.

²  Next to that you are expected to read the chapter from the book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, by Marshall B. Rosenberg, that is going to be discussed during the meeting and do the assignments that have been agreed upon by the group.



Welcome at Lian Min Lu 99, Le Chambord 95.

The House of Compassion, Creativity and the family Christiansson


No. 95 Le Chambord, Lane 99 Lian Min Rd., Xujing, Qingpu, Shanghai

上海市青浦区徐泾镇联民路99真 95号

Marijke   +86 186 21864063


For more information, have a further look at this website:


If you are interested, contact Marijke at: marijke at


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