Parenting Workshops

Learning Parent Skills using Compassionate Communication

 Welcome to our Compassionate Parenting Workshops


Compassionate or Nonviolent communication (NVC) is a simple process that facilitates the flow of communication necessary to exchange information and resolve differences compassionately. It is based on identifying universally shared needs.

Discover and learn about this way of communication together with us. We, Marijke and Eva, have been inspired by applying this in our families and are looking forward sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

After a fulfilling series of compassionate parenting workshops this spring, we will offer again our parenting workshops, scheduled to start in the autumn of 2015.

Next to the workshops, Marijke will start a practice group for Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication. We will be reading the book on NVC, written by Marshall Rosenberg, together and discussing and processing the content and guiding you in applying it as we go. A great opportunity to learn new skills, share your experiences and hear from others!

Some Lines about Living Nonviolent Communication:

  • You will get practical tools to connect and communicate skillfully with your children and partner;
  • You will be taking better care of your own needs;
  • You will be able to support your children to express what they feel and need;
  • You will get tools how to deal with things you regret, judgments and pain;
  • It will increase your understanding for the behavior of others.


All meetings are led by Marijke Christiansson. Marijke is a fulfillment coach, who is  committed to support people to live a more fulfilling life, both in a family and work/career context. Nonviolent Communication was a part of her coaching training.



Still to be scheduled. Please contact me if you’re interested.




You are welcome to prepare yourself by reading the book Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life, or the book Respectful Parents, Respectful Kids, but this is not necessary. Just bring your own experience as a parent and an open mind to learn new things.



Close to Soest, Amersfoort or Utrecht



For more information, also have a look at the website of the Centre of Nonviolent Communication


If you are interested, contact Marijke at: marijke at



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