Expat Coaching

When you are new in town, living in a new country, life coaching might be just the thing you need. Especially in the process of getting to know (yourself in) Shanghai and China, you might be confronted with questions about your own identity and how you live a fulfilling life. A new phase in life does give the possibility for a “new you”. Perhaps steps like taking up an education, looking for a new career or voluntary work come up in your mind.

Fulfillment Coaching can support you answering questions around the things you are good at, you like and what makes your life fulfilling. Also dealing with difficult spouses, how to support your children in the best way and how to stay fulfilled in social contacts could be part of the process.

Specific questions you may have:

  • How is this life in Shanghai giving me new opportunities?
  • How can I give and take the best (out) of the different worlds I can combine, that come together in Shanghai?
  • How do I become more effective in my daily life, with meaningful activities?
  • How do I deal with my children in this new environment and communicate with them in an effective way?
  • How do I improve a loving relationship with the people around me?