Compassionate Communication for Parents, 4 meetings coming up in April and May

Compassionate Communication for Parents


Every parent wants the best for their child(ren). We are all struggling with the best ways to support, direct and motivate our children. Wouldn’t it be great to have more sharing time about strategies that work!


Now in Xujing, close to WISS, there is the possibility to join parent meetings, led by Marijke Christiansson. A great opportunity to learn new skills, share your experiences and hear from other parents. We will use the framework and tools of Compassionate Communication, also called Nonviolent Communication (by Marshall Rosenberg).


Schedule for the meetings:

1: Wednesday April the 10th

2: Wednesday April the 24th

3: Wednesday May 8th

4: Wednesday May 22nd

Maximum group size: 8 persons


Some Lines about Living Nonviolent Communication:

It will give you practical tools to connect and communicate skillfully with your children and husband.

You can take better care of your own needs.

You will feel more connected to your children.

Make it easier for your children to express what they feel and need.


All meetings are led by Marijke Christiansson. She is a fulfillment coach, committed to support people to have a more fulfilling live. Nonviolent Communication was a part of her training and she believes you can get a lot out of it. She is familiar with other child-raising ideas like “Love and Logic” and “How to Talk so Kids will Listen & Listen so Kids will Talk”. We will combine different strategies where useful.


Time: 9.30-11.30. House is open from 8.30 onward.

Costs: each meeting costs 100 RMB


Preparation: You are welcome to prepare yourself by reading the book, but this is not necessary. Welcome just to bring your own experience as a mum and an open mind to learn new things.


Place: Welcome at Le Chambord 95.


Register: marijke at fulfillmentcoaching dot net

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