The Trees for Peace initiative was started in 2013 by Erik, Jonatan, Marijke and Goran Christiansson. We love trees.

Family Christiansson

In the national park at Koh Chang, Thailand.

In the travels throughout Asia, we have seen some beautiful old-growth forests. However, there are not many left. Most have given way to monocultures and grain, with a huge loss of biodiversity and soil quality. We believe that trees are a part of the solution.


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Home 52.173613, 5.283571 Our house in the Netherlands.

Now we are going back to our small garden in Soest, and our ”volkstuin”, thanks to Syb and Floor.


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  1. Love your website ! Very meaningful and to make it as a family website is even more touching ! So much connected, this is what we need… connection… Nature, family, people, environment… Love…

  2. Great initiative! Very much in the tradition of the Christiansson’s attitude towards life. Let’s hope those trees will flourish and, somehow, will bring a little bit of peace to this world.

    PS. I can recommend tree-hugging as a means to reach that goal!

  3. What a lovely Website! I wish you millions of clicks to support this very impressive project. Hopefully a lot of trees will be planted.

  4. Great initiative! How exactly can I lend you a helping hand from Europe?
    Good luck and keep sending updates

  5. Dear family, I love the love that you show by giving attention to such important issues. I will follow you and read more on your website from now on! Thanks for inviting me to it. Love, Ilse

  6. Fantastic! I am a complete novice and the way you introduce the various topics is great. Nothing more off-putting than being slammed with terminology you don’t understand. Will have another go at sour bread (the get-yee-bread-to-rise competition is on). Thanks for doing this!