Linden Leaf Lettuce

This is the central information spot for the International Open Source Research Project “Linden Leaf Lettuce” – an investigation into producing tree leaves as an alternative to lettuce/spinach.

The first trees we investigate is the linden tree, also known as basswood or lime. It is a family of trees (Tilia) with more than one hundred species that grows all over the world. In Europe, the dominant wild species are “Tilia cordata” and “Tilia platyphyllos” and hybrid crosses of those. (If you study other trees with edible leaves – please share.)

Linden leaves are delicious and healthy, a subtle culinary experience, especially the fresh growth. The light green translucent leaves are soft and succulent, an excellent sustainable alternative to lettuce. We are looking into the best way of growing linden leaves for food.

Click here to download the research plan for 2016: Linden_Leaf_Lettuce_-_research_plan_2016-01-31

Please share your observations and recipes – so that we together build a body-of-knowledge around these fantastic tree-foods. Send an email to: 2016-02-01 13_05_16-Document1 - Microsoft Word