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  • Climate positive!

    Climate positive!

    We do what we can to reduce our destructive impact and to increase the positive impact on the ecology. In other words, we try to reduce our “footprint” and increase our “handprint”. Not only by political actions and climate marches, but also by planting trees and sharing knowledge and insights about sustainable living. Both at […]

  • On buying more, more, more

    There I was, standing in the Intersport store, slightly excited. The hunter in me had become awake. I had my discount vouchers in the pocket. A lot of Dutch people like ‘korting, korting’ (discount, discount). I’m one of them. “Shop till you drop” was written on one of the vouchers. My life would be even […]

  • Happy New Year of the Tree

    We are rounding off the year of 2016 with lots of good memories and plenty of surprises in the world around us. We live in opulence and enjoy the incredible wealth of the rich country of the Netherlands. Therefore, we do what we can to make it possible for other people and other generations to […]

  • Pollution is like Slavery

    Pollution is like Slavery

    Yesterday we had a fantastic day in Food Forest Ketelbroek with two heroes of our times: John D. Liu and Wouter van Eck. Liu’s work as a documentary filmer and ecology researcher is impressive and inspiring. He has put all his articles and films for free download at Academia.Net (you do have to register). Some […]

  • Borneo is Burning

    Borneo is Burning

    The huge forests of Borneo are burning. The richest nature and poorest humans on Earth are found here. But for how long? We are cutting and burning the forests to make yet another palm oil plantation… A few humans get richer, the nature dies. The rain forests in this region have built up billions of […]

  • Linden Leaf Lettuce Trees

    Linden Leaf Lettuce Trees

    Today we planted twenty-five linden trees to learn more about how to grow these delicious salad leaves. We ordered a few bunches of young linden trees from ‘t Vaarderhoogt, with Tilia cordata (Dutch: winterlinde) and Tilia platyphyllos (Dutch: zomerlinde). We also bought alder trees (Dutch: witte els) to support nitrogen fixation and to give shade, […]

  • Palm Oil Petition

    Palm Oil Petition

    Hello Tree Friend! We will run the first “Trees For Peace Petition” in the coming month. One of the most depressing sights in Southeast Asia are the palm oil plantations. Rain forest is cut down and the animals who lived there are kicked out/killed. The reason: we want to have “trans-fat-free cookies”. In 2000, it […]

  • Saving Old-growth Forests

    Saving Old-growth Forests

    The devastating deforestation of the old-growth forests across Asia, Africa and America is a terrible waste and painful to witness. Even worse is the realization that this has already happened in Europe. Almost all original forests have been razed and burned as charcoal to drive the industrial revolutions and population explosion. Of course the commercial […]

  • Solar Power

    Solar Power

    Since a couple of weeks we have solar cells for electricity production on the garage. Many of our friends (Bram&Eke, Jonas&Nina etc.) have inspired us by being forerunners in the eco-energy evolution. We now also take this step towards a more sustainable living. In October, we installed our first grid-connected solar cells. It is 8 […]

  • Last leg to Soest – 12001 km

    Last leg to Soest – 12001 km

    We took the train from Trollhättan to Göteborg to Malmö and stayed overnight with our good friends Carl and Frida. The next day we went to Copenhagen, to see “Borgen” – Christiansborg – that is the physical center of political power in Denmark. The night train to Utrecht would have been perfect, with a luxurious […]

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  • chinese kids

    Today we are going to vissit some chinese kids in Trollhättan. Strange that there even are chinees kids this much away from china, and especialy thatwe speek better chinese than them, but they are still fun to pláy with. We played with them one time before.

  • Stugan Källarvinden – our cottage in the woods

    Stugan Källarvinden – our cottage in the woods

    We rent a small house in the forest near Alingsås, half an hour train ride from Göteborg. (Link to Google Map) It is part of an old village, with lots of new houses, and it is a ten minute walk to the train station. It is a five minute walk down to the lake Mjörn. […]

  • Stockholm to Göteborg – 10925 km

    Stockholm to Göteborg  – 10925 km

    Stockholm Central Station was full of passengers who could not take their trains, due to a fire in an electric power station. Our train was one of the few that could ride away that day – very lucky!  

  • Stockholm

    We are now in Stockholm. We were just in the boat, our boat is from the Tallink company. We liked it in our boat (I think).

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  • Tallinn to Stockholm – 10456 km

    We arrived in Stockholm safe and sound. The ferry ride was smooth as silk. The breakfast buffet was good as milk. 🙂 It was fantastic to be back in Sweden!   The boat is called Tallink.   The Carrot Man!

  • Tallinn – City of Knights

    Tallinn – City of Knights

    The valliant knights of the Teutonic Order were in charge in Reval (as the town was called in those days) for hundreds of years throughout the middle ages. The city flourished as part of the Hansa and the whole city center is a gem of Unesco world heritage quality. Today, the knights are brave, but […]

  • St. Petersburg to Tallinn – 10106 km

    St. Petersburg to Tallinn – 10106 km

    The bus from St. Petersburg to Tallinn was a 7 hour pleasure ride. The bus was called “LUX express” and had free coffee, hot chocolate and wifi (which didn’t always work 🙁 ). We had to wait first XV minutes to go through the passport control, then at least one hour at the customs because […]

  • Morozhenoye – our favourite word in Russian

    Morozhenoye – our favourite word in Russian

    Almost as special as vodka is the Russian ice-cream – morozhenoye. Not only is it enjoyed in the middle of the winter, but it is distributed and enjoyed everywhere. On every train platform we stopped at, in every park, there was a babushka selling ice cream. Some good, some excellent. (And some molten and falling […]