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  • Pollution is like Slavery

    Pollution is like Slavery

    Yesterday we had a fantastic day in Food Forest Ketelbroek with two heroes of our times: John D. Liu and Wouter van Eck. Liu’s work as a documentary filmer and ecology researcher is impressive and inspiring. He has put all his articles and films for free download at Academia.Net (you do have to register). Some […]

  • Palm Oil Petition

    Palm Oil Petition

    Hello Tree Friend! We will run the first “Trees For Peace Petition” in the coming month. One of the most depressing sights in Southeast Asia are the palm oil plantations. Rain forest is cut down and the animals who lived there are kicked out/killed. The reason: we want to have “trans-fat-free cookies”. In 2000, it […]

  • Saving Old-growth Forests

    Saving Old-growth Forests

    The devastating deforestation of the old-growth forests across Asia, Africa and America is a terrible waste and painful to witness. Even worse is the realization that this has already happened in Europe. Almost all original forests have been razed and burned as charcoal to drive the industrial revolutions and population explosion. Of course the commercial […]

  • Solar Power

    Solar Power

    Since a couple of weeks we have solar cells for electricity production on the garage. Many of our friends (Bram&Eke, Jonas&Nina etc.) have inspired us by being forerunners in the eco-energy evolution. We now also take this step towards a more sustainable living. In October, we installed our first grid-connected solar cells. It is 8 […]

  • Shanghai Urban Farming – Meetup in our garden

    Shanghai Urban Farming – Meetup in our garden

    We had a meetup with the “Shanghai Urban Farmer”-group at our place last Saturday. (See for more interesting groups near you.) We enjoyed a sunny afternoon with inspiring stories about sustainability and individual initiatives. We discussed how to best grow beans and which compost format is superior. (Goran is a fan of the dig-down […]

  • Start where you stand

    We can make a difference in the world. We believe that it is important to get started. Even a long journey starts with a step in your front yard. It is the same with trees. If you can, plant a tree yourself this year. Ask the local municipality, province or country to take better care […]