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  • Vegetarian


    There are many good reasons to eat more plants and less animals: Ethical – care for the animals we (do not) eat. Today there is a lot of suffering in the industrial agriculture. Little of the meat we can get in supermarkets and in restaurants comes from animals raised in a suitable environment. Environment – […]

  • Biodiversity


    Biodiversity is true wealth. In a more profound way than money can ever be. How can we learn to value life? We need to give habitat back to monkeys, like the Gibbon mother we saw in Khao Yai, Thailand. But also to the fungi and insects that live in the soils. We must learn to […]

  • Water


    Water is life. We need to take better care of the water we have. Especially sweet water. Many of the conflicts in the world today are due to water scarcity. There is a certain logic in the fact that “rival” originally meant “living along the same river” or “using the same water for irrigation”, something […]