Permaculture Pioneers

Xiao Zhu and Thomas are leading the way in the sustainable farming practice called “Permaculture” in China. Three hours south of Shanghai, in the beautiful village Xiatushan is the mountainside where they are establishing the Hangzhou Institute of Permaculture. Permaculture is an ecological farming/gardening philosophy originating from Australia (by Mollison … Continue reading

How Muchrooms can Help Save the World

Paul Stamets is a mushroom evangelist, scientist and entrepreneur. He is also a gifted writer, I realized when I started reading his masterpiece “Mycelium Running”. The book is a celebration to all living mushrooms and mycelia, describing the multitude of useful functions that the mycelia perform in our soils. Little … Continue reading

Wood into Food

Eat a tree? Forests are fantastic for capturing sunlight and carbon dioxide, much better than any traditional agricultural cropland. Rain is absorbed and sunshine is intercepted at various levels, from the canopy down to the leaf litter on the ground. From a food point of view, it may seem scarce … Continue reading

Sepp Holzer’s Permaculture

Permaculture is a way of farming or gardening, where diversity is the driver to improve the soils and create sustainable symbioses, where pesticides and synthetic fertilizers are unnecessary.  In many ways it is a step back to the pre-industrialized agriculture that dominated worldwide until the introduction of the tractor. Sepp … Continue reading


The soil is the mother of the earth. Soil is where food comes from.Today we are destroying soils at a scale never seen before. Soil is damaged by synthetic fertilizers and insecticides, which kills the life forms in the soil, and by mechanical tilling/plowing. In the last forty years, we … Continue reading


There are many good reasons to eat more plants and less animals: Ethical – care for the animals we (do not) eat. Today there is a lot of suffering in the industrial agriculture. Little of the meat we can get in supermarkets and in restaurants comes from animals raised in … Continue reading


Water is life. We need to take better care of the water we have. Especially sweet water. Many of the conflicts in the world today are due to water scarcity. There is a certain logic in the fact that “rival” originally meant “living along the same river” or “using the … Continue reading