Climate positive!

Climate positive!

We do what we can to reduce our destructive impact and to increase the positive impact on the ecology. In other words, we try to reduce our “footprint” and increase our “handprint”.

Not only by political actions and climate marches, but also by planting trees and sharing knowledge and insights about sustainable living. Both at the Hogeschool Utrecht and at IVN/EetbaarSoest.

We had many insights during the last year and met lots of inspiring people.

We very much look forward to further learn and explore how to live a rich and beautiful life inside the Planetary Boundaries in the coming year!

Quinten and Marijke planting nut trees.
Fridays for future march in Amersfoort, November 2019
Planting apple trees with Joop at Het Derde Erf, Soest.
Wouter in his food forest, sharing the bounty from the chestnut tree. He demonstrates one way of living with a positive ecological impact!
Erik with other young climate activists at the COP25 in Madrid.
Jonatan (far right) with the other volunteers in the orchard.