Happy New Year of the Tree

We are rounding off the year of 2016 with lots of good memories and plenty of surprises in the world around us. We live in opulence and enjoy the incredible wealth of the rich country of the Netherlands. Therefore, we do what we can to make it possible for other people and other generations to also live in freedom, with clean water and healthy food.

Dump the Palm oil – cheaper is not better

One of the fallacies of our time is that cheaper is better. Corporations push for lower cost vegetable fats, so arguably the worst exploitation right now are the enormous palm oil plantations. Fantastically rich natural forests with thousands and thousands of species are destroyed and replaced by oil palm monoculture. This is a temporary cash fix, but a long term destruction for the local economies. Therefore, please spend a minute extra in the supermarket and skip products with (vegetable oil: palm).

The natural wealth of a millennia-old-forest is incredible and immeasurable in current economics.
Replaced by oil palms… (photo from palmoilhealth.org)


Lettuce Trees

Did you ever eat leaves from a tree? In Asia, we did that quite a lot, but in the European culinary tradition, that has been forgotten. Erik and Jonatan are reinvigorating this ancient practice, and have started a small business around the lettuce trees (www.slaboom.nl). You can get one for your garden, if you pick it up here in Soest.

Erik offers a strong and tasty lettuce tree for your garden.


Foundation Trees For Peace

We have also started a foundation for ecological projects, where we work with local communities to enrich the local environment with fruit- nut- and vegetable trees.

Read more and make a donation on www.TreesForPeace.nl