Research Plan 2016

Research Plan 2016

The “Linden Leaf Lettuce Research Project” strives to build more knowledge around leaf production, harvest, storage and cooking linden leaves. We collect production data – how much do we get from each tree? taste preferences – which is the most delicious species/cultivar?

We have planted 25 small trees in Soest, the Netherlands during 2015, to use as a reference point for the quantitative research.

First planting of small linden trees.
First planting of six small linden trees. (here Tilia platyphyllos)

Please read the attached document for more details about research plan and objectives.

[click here for the research plan: Linden_Leaf_Lettuce_-_research_plan_2015-11-18]

We are looking for more people to help build more knowledge about this.Do you have some linden trees where you harvest leaves? How does it work for you? Can you share your favourite recipes?