Borneo is Burning

Borneo is almost completely covered in forest fire smoke.

Borneo is almost completely covered in forest fire smoke. [1]

The huge forests of Borneo are burning. The richest nature and poorest humans on Earth are found here. But for how long? We are cutting and burning the forests to make yet another palm oil plantation… A few humans get richer, the nature dies.

The rain forests in this region have built up billions of tons of carbon in peaty humus layers that are now bellowing out into the atmosphere at a crazy rate. Apparently the forests here have sent out more CO2 into the atmosphere in three weeks than Germany does in a whole year. [2].

Do what you can to protect the rain forest; – support your local Indonesian activist friends and pressure your government to give grants to Indonesian students to come to your place to study. Build a better society through collaboration, not trade. Stop using Conflict Palm Oil.

Record breaking fire season. [3]

Record breaking fire season. [3]

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