Xi’an: a centre for (learning) tourism – 1491 km

Xi’an, the starting point of the old silk road westward, is where we enjoy the sunshine and the hospitality of the great hostel of the Seven Sages.


In front of our room in the Qi Xian – Seven Sages Hostel

Xi’an (“西安”) means literally “Western Peace”. We like the Peace(ful) aspect of the Xi’an life. Although the by far biggest group of the 8 million inhabitants are Han Chinese, the city is also known for the big mosque and Muslim Quarter.


This morning we went to visit the Terracotta Warriors. Interesting that a city called for Western Peace is world known for this army of baked clay statues. Since it is now a National Holiday of three days, starting with Labour Day on the first of May, there were about one million other tourists joining us on our exploration of the underground Kingdom of Emperor Qin.



Today we were watching warriors and tourists, both hundred thousands…

This shows us once again how a Chinese tourist attraction can deal with a enormous flow of people. Big business as well! Even the China Post is being innovative with personalized postcards ;-).


Our guide has studied foreign languages and tourism at the university in Xi’an. He is happy his ancestors have left so many interesting historical sites to draw hoards of tourists to his home city.


Now back in our hostel waiting for the masseur to come, to enjoy a therapeutic massage in Chinese style. Life is good.

We are now in Xi'an, one of the ancient capitals of Northern China.

We are now in Xi’an, one of the ancient capitals of Northern China.


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  1. Intressant! Ni har mycket att berätta om när vi ses, men så länge följer vi er via etern. Tack för det!