Tallinn – City of Knights

Tallinn – City of Knights

The valliant knights of the Teutonic Order were in charge in Reval (as the town was called in those days) for hundreds of years throughout the middle ages. The city flourished as part of the Hansa and the whole city center is a gem of Unesco world heritage quality.

Today, the knights are brave, but few between…

DSC04931_proc_jonatan_knight DSC04948_proc_erik_knight

On the other hand, the tourists are plentiful and the restaurants abundant. Some, like The Olde Hansa connects to the medieval theme with dresses and time-typical treats.


The Olde Hansa restaurant - no french fries here!
The Olde Hansa restaurant – no french fries here!

We also met the first coffee-bar-car in our lives, with top quality caffe latte out of the trunk.

Coffee Bar Car! To book: www.coffee4you.ee
Coffee Bar Car! It is brand new this year – home built barista set in the back of a VW Caddy.

Estonia is an interesting small country. Just a bit more than a million people and a seemingly functioning society. It has been independent only for 20+25 years, which is not much, especially when the mighty neighbour is flexing the muscles in Ukraina.


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