Compassionate Parenting Workshops Concluded

Discussing compassionate parenting skills in a homy setting, this is what we, Eva and I, have been offering our seven participants for the Compassionate Parenting Workshops in April and May.

I feel very fulfilled looking back at what we all learned during these weeks. We went into both the theory and practice of Nonviolent Communication. To create a safe and supportive environment where we can be sad about interactions that don’t go the way we would like and also celebrate our family life has been very special.

Some of the feedback we received from our participants:

“Looking at behavior in terms of needs has helped me specially looking at my needs and emotions when dealing with the kids and not only at theirs”.

“Marijke’s positive, happy and encouraging manner made each meeting have a supportive atmosphere in which one could share their comments. Had many useful prompts and summations to discussions in order to get people sharing and discussing.

Eva has an excellent knowledge of NVC and is an honest practitioner. Very clear explanations – very supportive”.

“I appreciate the way how the meetings were led, it gave me understanding of NVC in a very nice atmosphere. Now it is up to us to apply”.

“Marijke and Eva were very supportive educators. They have a clear view on the subject matter and of its practical implications. They both speak with a relaxing tone and really appreciate the feedback given. I was given many tools for practicing NVC and I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the study-­‐group.

I will recommend Marijke´s counseling or classes to just anyone. Whoever participates, benefits greatly.”

We are looking forward to another round of workshops and also a study group for Nonviolent Communication starting this fall.









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