Next week Tuesday the 12th of March: Start of the Meditation Group

Meditation for Beginners and Experienced

On Tuesday the 12th of March we will start a meditation group in Le Chambord.


After living here for nearly 2 years, I feel that the lasts months have been in much more peace of mind and rest. I’ve been meditating with a teacher on the internet (Susan Piver, the Open Heart Project), a bit on my own, and now as part of the Qi Gong course I’m taking. My dream has been to have a meditation group here in Xujing, already from when we arrived here. Now I’ve met a wonderful teacher and I think the time is ripe.


What can meditation bring you?

Just some examples what it could bring you: some frustration when you don’t get results as soon as you’d like to, some boredom (most of us are not used to taking time to sit still and observe) and warning: you might even fall asleep (which happened/happens to me quite a lot ;-)).  All these feelings and experiences are okay.

What meditation can also bring you: more peace of mind (what a relief!), relaxation (you just feel those heavy shoulders drop, your back and neck relax), better emotion management (why are the children behaving so much better all of a sudden? ;-)) and more understanding and acceptance of yourself and others. Also feeling more connected to the ‘divine’ within us and an urge to better realize the limitations of worldly success might motivate you.


We will practice in the evenings from 19.30 to 20.30 under the guidance of Jacqueline Vanderpuye, an experienced meditation teacher.

The meetings will be every other Tuesday, starting at Tuesday the 12th of March.

The set-up for the practice is ideal for beginners, but also valuable if you already have meditation experience.

We will have the meetings at our house, so it will also be a cozy, homely setting with a cup of tea.


At the moment the meditation group is full, but don’t hesitate to contact me at:

marijke at fullfilmentcoaching dot net.

Perhaps someone will not be able to come anyways, or we might start another group.

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